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Happy Wheels Unblocked

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Happy_WheelsFlash games are popular nowadays, but one game that has really stood out is Happy Wheels Unblocked! Let me tell you a bit about this fun game. First, don’t ever consider playing this if you get disgusted easily. This game is filled with blood and guts! It’s great though, because physics and humor have mixed to be this one interesting game. If you like physics, you’ll like this. If gore thrills you, you’ll love it!

This game commences with the player choosing from a set of morbid characters. Initially, the player can only choose among four, but as the game progresses, other characters are unlocked. The four initial characters are composed of an old man sitting on a wheel chair, a businessman on a personal transport, a man on a bike with his child behind him and a large woman on a scooter with a filled grocery basket. Of course, these choices are only appropriate for the dangerous escapades that are to come.

Mostly, this game is about style. The courses have an end, but it is quite impossible to make it until then. The player must use his arrow keys on the keyboard to lead his character on a fun adventure. In the courses, there are obstacles that must be encountered. This is where the gore comes in. You have to see your characters get punctured, pierced and have their parts torn from the rest of their body. The damage on the character doesn’t really decide if the character remains alive. Instead, the balance of the character on their wheels does. The objects and terrain make it very difficult but it’s not impossible. Basically, there’s blood sprayed all over the game, yet the player must keep on playing.

Happy Wheels Unblocked does sound like a sick game, but it still is fun! Just make sure you would still be able to hold your barfs and migraines!

Happy Wheels Unblocked, 9.1 out of 10 based on 459 ratings
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